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CyberSecurity Practices

There are many steps that can be taken to reduce your Cybersecurity exposure. It all starts with simply raising cybersecurity awareness with all employees and staff. Threat Actors commonly prey on “low hanging fruit” which translates to counting on people to open the door. Raise Cybersecurity Awareness & train your staff.

Raise Cybersecurity Awareness
1. Train staff to reduce the level of preventable negligence.
2. Warn staff about common phishing techniques, what to look for, no clicking & delete immediately. Email Phishing
attacks are designed to look legitimate so the recipient doesn’t think twice about the authenticity, like software
updates, from well known vendors like Microsoft, Google, Norton, etc. Often times, they can be spoofed emails that
appear to come from co-workers or managers requesting wire transfers or gift cards. Hackers use fraudulent practices
to spoof recipients into giving up their data or money. Train Staff to be vigilant!
3. Your security approach should be people-centric.

Protect Access To Your System
1. Control remote access to your systems with secure VPNs & Multi-factor-authentication.
2. Secure passwords as well as practice secure handling of passwords.
3. When providing access, use the principle of least privilege.

Protect Your Data
1. Backup your data regularly to several repositories.
2. Monitor your data access by privileged users.
3. Keep all software up to date on the latest releases.